All things sweet and jap

After a busy weekend, it’s time for some pampering for the tummy again. We intended to have a full Japanese treatment, sashimi, teriyaki, desserts and all, but our intended location for desserts has moved.

We had lunch at Sushi Tei, my family’s preferred restaurant for a good Japanese craving fix. Rather affordable for quality sashimi and the other Japanese food items.


Sashimi salad with Sushi Tei dressing. Look at the huge slices of sashimi and the thick fatty white lines on the salmon!

The usual sashimi set that we always order: prawns, tuna belly, salmon, scallop and swordfish.

A must-have for my dad. His inari sushi.

The stringy calamari. According to my family, the batter is light and fluffy.

Teriyaki garlic beef steak. It looks raw here but it is not. The steak is well done but still tender.

Last main course, yaki udon with chicken. Tasted like stir fried chinese noodles.

We then went to The Dessert House for dessert. While the pictures below might look tempting, the desserts are below expectations. The waffles weren’t cooked long enough, the cinnamon sugar was sparse and the pear lotus dessert was bland.



The only saving grace was the apple crumble ala mode. Every mouthful a huge chunk of apple.

Both outlets may be found at West Coast Plaza.

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