Mum’s birthday celebration @ Kuriya

Happy birthday mum! Don’t worry no mention of your age :)

The celebration started off this afternoon with a lunch treat at Kuriya, a fine dining Japanese restaurant that even Japanese go to. For me that is usually one major indicator that the restaurant serves good Japanese food.

Starting of with a narcissistic picture of myself, pre-celebration.


Strangely, for the price we are paying and the reviews written, the interior of the restaurant does not resonate with the idea of fine dining. The area was simple, people were speaking loudly and it did not seem like a posh restaurant at all. That said, there were Japanese there and the food was good.


Each set comes with a salad, variety of dishes, dessert and drink.


Sadly, for me, it was just a bowl of wagyu beef udon. No tray of dishes for me. I do not really like the taste of seafood so I have never really enjoyed sashimi. Always udon, ramen, teppanyaki or teriyaki.

My dad and mum shared a huge set. It was a special for April and the chef only makes 12 sets of it a day!


No matter how full we are, my family always seems to have a separate stomach for dessert.

For the sets, the dessert of the day was a combination of vanilla ice cream, fruit salad and a pudding that tasted like panna cotta.

Mine was a serving of yuzu ice cream. Boy was it sour!

My sis had this concoction of thin wafer with green tea ice cream, red bean and fruit salad. She felt that the wafer was going soft too soon.

That was all for lunch. My mum is a lucky lady because we are also celebrating her birthday with her side of the family later for dinner. More on that later.

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